Putting on a helmet is the simplest way to prevent minor to fatal injuries when you ride a motorcycle. And although it’s but one small part of the biking safety gear, it’s perhaps the most important. Helmets aren’t made the same though. Below are the basic breakdown of the seven types of motorcycle helmet.

  1. Open Face Helmet

This is also called the three-quarter helmet. Though it’s more comfortable to use a closed face lid, its design leaves part of the face and jaw susceptible to injury. It also lacks protection to the eye.

  1. Half-Helmet

Known as the novelty helmet because it looks cool but provides little protection. Half-helmet is also referred to as the beanie.

  1. Modular Helmet

This is an open face variety. It has removable or foldable parts to provide temporary convenience to the rider. This helmet is normally used for slow riding.

  1. Motocross Helmet

Also known as the dirt helmet. This kind of helmet is specifically designed for off-road biking competitions. It features an open wide field vision to accommodate the googles. The lid of the motocross helmet is created to keep the sun out of the eyes.

  1. Touring Hemet

This is mainly designed for long riding. It has a looser fit than the generic sports helmet that features a quite large visor for added visibility.

  1. Adventure Touring Helmet

This is a combination of motocross lid and touring helmet. The hybrid features a front lip that provides shade. Unlike the dirt helmet, it has a substantial opening that seals with a visor.

  1. Sports Helmet

This is one of the most common and sought-after types of motorcycle helmet. In some way, it’s the generic biking helmet kind. It’s crafted for maximum performance and features a snug fit and lightweight materials.

When buying biking gear, pay extra attention to the helmet. In many biking incidents, it’s the gear that always save a biker’s life.

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