Regardless of the bike you ride, if you’re a true motorcycle rider, you NEED hearing protection. Obviously, you need to pick up the throaty growl of your bike engine, but that sound along with the nonstop roar of wind noise can easily damage your hearing. The good thing is there are far more choices for motorcycle ear plugs nowadays than in the past. Below are three top biking ear plugs in the market today. Choose one or all for added riding protection.

  • Flents Ear Stopples Earplugs. Flents Ear Stopples are created from natural hypo-allergenic cotton and wax. The latter molds gently to fit the ears perfectly. The brand is one of the most comfortable and cheapest earplugs in the market. The plugs are particularly valuable to riders because the wax is retained together by cotton fibers that increase the sound blocking features of the earplugs. A six-pair pack of Stopples cost $20.
  • Alpine MotoSafe. MotoSafe ear plugs are especially designed for hearing protection and maximum concentration when riding. MotoSafe covers two unique and interchangeable wind noise filtration pairs for traditional and greater attenuation. These specialized wind noise filters ensure optimum security and yet overall sounds are still clear and communication and auditory are still feasible.

The green filtration provides an attenuation beneficial in most riding scenarios. The yellow filtration provides an attenuation for scenarios with high sound exposure. This provides rider the decision to choose the right attenuation in every riding scenarios. MotoSafe retail price is $35.

  • NeckMike Mobile Communications System. Neckmike earplugs are designed for motorcycling and other extreme sports. The means to communicate and interact efficiently in intense noise situations is critical, especially for professional bikers and their teams. Neckmike comes in three models: Mobile, M3 Bluetooth and M4 Bluetooth. All three feature replaceable and removable ear tips you can get in varied models, both in silicone and UF foam. Neckmike can also be fitted in with complete custom molds to find the best fit possible. Neckmike earplugs retail between $99 and $460.

Before buying biking earplugs, check local law about ear protection. Some states requires type of mold, while others are more concern on the proper way to use motorcycle ear plugs.

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