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Shoei Hornet Helmet

Does the Shoei Hornet helmet live up to expectations? Is it as fierce in performance as how it looks? Let’s find out together! The Shoei Hornet helmet was first launched in Japan in 2006. Dual-sport helmet [...]

Two Recent Bell Helmets

At the recently concluded AIMExpo, a motorcycle trade show currently on its second year, two latest Bell Helmets were revealed: the MX-9 and the Moto-9 Flex.   MX-9 The Bell MX-9 is dubbed the “All-terrain MX-9 [...]

Three Tried-and-Tested Biking Earplugs

Regardless of the bike you ride, if you’re a true motorcycle rider, you NEED hearing protection. Obviously, you need to pick up the throaty growl of your bike engine, but that sound along with the nonstop [...]

Seven Types of Motorcycle Helmet

Putting on a helmet is the simplest way to prevent minor to fatal injuries when you ride a motorcycle. And although it’s but one small part of the biking safety gear, it’s perhaps the most important. [...]

Scorpion EXO-R2000

Every serious biker needs some serious bike gear. When looking for a reliable helmet, the Scorpion EXO-R2000 is a great choice. This is the flagship performance helmet that Scorpion offers. The helmet has a sleek but [...]