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Nexx XR2 Helmet

The Nexx XR2 helmet is a lightweight helmet best used as an all-around street/sport motorcycle helmet. It comes in two materials – tri-composite shell (carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass) which retails at $469.00 and Carbon Pure [...]

Knox Handroid Glove CE

Every serious biker needs a pair of reliable gloves for that perfect grip and protection from the elements especially during long drives. When looking for something different and performs in a unique way, consider getting the [...]

New Scorpion Helmets For 2015

Bikers are all in for a treat this 2015! Scorpion, a well-known brand that produces high quality helmets at excellent prices (talk about value for money!) has quite the line up for the year to come. [...]

Dainese Garda D-Dry Glove

A pair of all around gloves which can protect you from the elements is great. But what’s even better is when you have a pair of gloves you can use in any kind of weather. For [...]

Icon Airmada Elemental Helmet

The Icon Airmada Elemental Helmet is the perfect helmet for anyone looking for the perfect fusion of style and performance. With its kickass graphic design (fire and water, anyone?) and top notch performance, there is no [...]